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February's Book Club - Laura Tobin

TV meteorologist Laura has been a climate-change campaigner for the past 10 years. She knows all too well how devastating its effects can be – and how overwhelmed people feel as they wonder how they can help. The two questions she gets asked the most are, ‘What can I do?’ and ‘Will it make a difference?’ And her answer to those is, ‘Lots – and yes!’

In her book, Laura breaks down the science of climate change in a way that’s easy to understand. She explains how we know humans are to blame, what exactly a ‘tipping point’ is and why that 1.5 degrees of difference really matters. Then, covering all aspects of everyday life – from the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the way we travel and even the way we celebrate – Laura gives practical advice on how we can live more sustainably and reduce our impact on the environment. Many of the ideas are simple, free, and can be put into action without disrupting our current lives too much.

Along the way, Laura writes honestly about her own experiences of living a more eco-friendly life – from the things she found easy to change to the habits of a lifetime that were more difficult to shake off. You’ll also find out how her husband and daughter have adapted – or not!

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